Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wyatt Turns One

We celebrated Wyatt's first birthday on October 24th. Nick had to work that day, but when he got home we ate a quick dinner, and got right to the good stuff! Madison and I made two 9 inch cakes, one for Qy, and one for the rest of us. As you can see, his cake did not look too appetizing after he got through with it. He was in heaven! Eating the cake was definitely his favorite part, he's still too little to fully appreciate presents, but that is what his bis sister is for. The next day we hosted a little party for him at mom and dad's house. We had lots of fun celebrating with family.....That is one of the best perks about living in Oregon!

Monday, October 27, 2008


I know that this was like a month and a half ago, but I had the video on my computer and so I had to post it. Every year in Lewiston the local fire departments and police departments gather together with the community to remember the lives that were lost on September 11th. It is a very touching tribute and it was also Nicks last performance with the Pipes and Drums band. Before the program began Madison and another little firefighter girl, Brenley, put on their own performance. Our once shy little girl was dancing in front of quite a crowd, who adored them of course! Oh how times have changed!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're here!

I have been a very delinquent blogger, but I do have some pretty good excuses. First of all my sister Colie came to visit one last time before she left for Wales. We miss her terribly and can't believe that it will be 10 months or more before we get to see her again. The day that my sister left my awesome mom-in-law came up for Madison's third birthday and was able to stay for a long weekend. We had such a great time! And then it was time to pack and move. We are so excited to be in Oregon, but we will miss our LC Valley family terribly. They have been so absolutely wonderful and our lives have been so blessed by the wonderful friends that we have made. I love you all!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Miss Muscles

Madison loves to act out her favorite movies. This is a scene from SpongeBob Square Pants. Her noises and facial expressions are the best!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun at Gma & Gpa Pages House

We were able to spend some time in Oregon last month and we had so much fun! We spent a lot of time playing in the back yard, picnicking at the park, which is just a short wagon ride from mom and dads house, playing poker, Colie kicks butt by the way, hanging out at Darren and Shannon's first home and admiring Great Grandpa and Grandma's garden. The best part of this trip was that it resulted in Nick being offered a job at the Clackamas County Fire Department. YEAH!!! This is such a huge blessing for our family. We will be just one hour from my family, one short and inexpensive plane ride from Nicks family, and Nick will get to work for an awesome fire department. I told him its like he just made the all star team in firefighting! I am so proud of him and grateful for the comfort and strength that Heavenly Father has given us during this stressful process. He truly knows what is best for us, and that is why I am confident that this move will be a wonderful one.

Wyatt had is first taste of Cheetos...Thanks Mom!

Messy popsicle faces.

Madison and her cousin Kyle had so much fun playing together. Can Kyle work those shades or what!!

I know the feeling Madison.

Darren and Shannon's first home.

Little Angels

Sleeping babies are the cutest things in the whole world. Especially a sleeping baby who has slept all night long! Wyatt has been such a great sleeper for me, and he wakes up happy too. Madison loves to be the first one in Wyatts room. She runs in and climbs in bed with him. Then they both start jumping and giggling. It is adorable.

Summer Pics

I have been slacking in the picture taking lately so I grabbed my camera, the kids and drug Nick outside for some summer pics while the flowers are still pretty. Madison was a great model. She would say "Okay, eyes open, eyes closed, kissy lips, tongue out.....let me see!!!" She was obviously working with an amateur photographer. Wyatt was more intent on checking if his teeth had come through yet, so in every picture he either had his fingers in his mouth or a really funny face.